"Imagination is limitless and creativity is ever changing and ever evolving. Ultimately the sky is the limit. My desire is to maximize whatever audio goal you have, as well as work with teams who share in many different passions of audio work, so that together we can create beautiful works of art, and just maybe find out how high up we can actually go." 

There are a few important things that I learned during the process of recording these assets. The first thing being the importance of team work and critical feedback. The best of my work is fully due to the fact that people with fresh ears gave me insight to what needs editing and how to better each asset for the best delivery to my client. Another very important concept is the power of the ordinary objects we have around us. My ears have been opened to all the objects around me and the potential for what all of them could be with some tweaking. I also learned the importance of varaspeed in protools and how much of an effect it can have on ordinary sounds to change their presence. I will be using it much more in my future work. Time management is a factor that is quickly revealing itself more and more to me as well. Quality takes time, and when you put in the work, the quality product that is produced is so rewarding. Some of the other qualities that I was able to pick up that are best exemplified in my work are the looping of sounds, topping and tailing of audio with fades, and the automation of different plug ins. The ship engine, for example, needed to be looped seamlessly in order to give the illusion of a consistently running engine. With cross fading and picking good sections to loop, I was able to master this skill and produce a flawless engine loop. Fades on the top and end of the assets are hugely important to keep popping from occurring. I used this in every asset and was able to tell the difference in how smooth the sound is when it begins and ends. Specifically on the planet ambiences. They were very fluid afterwards. Automation of plug ins cannot be stressed enough. For example automating the frequencies of different plug ins, like the low pass filter, can add extra frequencies that helped a lot in making my space age assets. The vaporizer and aliens being vaporized were great examples in my work of how automation of frequency in the low-fi plug in makes the alien sound like its being vaporized. These lessons have been invaluable and will be carried with me for many years to come.